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Women's Christian Hospital

In 1899 the Church Missionary Society (CMS) opened a special hospital for women on the site of the present Women’s Christian Hospital (better known as “Mission Hospital”) in Multan. Around 1935 a proper maternity ward and labour rooms were built and a nurse/dai training school was established.

Midwifery School

C.M.S. sold the 100-bed hospital to the Women’s Union Missionary Society. WUMS was then registered with the Govt. of Pakistan.

Our Mission

To share the love of God through care for the health of women & children by providing:

  • Compassionate service for ALL
  • Quality Reproductive Healthcare within available resources
  • Safe delivery of mother & child
  • Education & Training of patients and staff

Our Vision

Wholistic care for women & children at Women’s Christian Hospital.

maternity Hospital

Our Core Values

We aim to treat patients from all sections of the community with kindness and compassion. We value the whole person, responding to emotional and spiritual concerns as well as physical needs. We are sensitive and caring to those around us.

We are an experienced team that knows how to apply best practices and uses advanced but appropriate technology. We are committed to continuous improvement, professionalism, and innovation in our service.

All human beings deserve respect because they are made in the image of God. We strive to be courteous and sensitive to others and act without discrimination. We recognize the particular needs of women in our society.

We aim to do what is right. Our goal is to act ethically and responsibly in everything we do and we hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We deal honestly with patients, their relatives, our co-workers, and suppliers.

We Know the Need Of Muslim women of South Region

Muslim women observe purdah (veil) seclusion and even for medical reasons prefer female medical and nursing staff. The Women’s Christian Hospital with its exclusively female medical and nursing staff is geared especially to the care of such women and their children under 5 born in this hospital. There are many well-reputed hospitals and clinics throughout the city these days, but the demands on this institution continue to increase. We continuously have to send people away, as we just cannot cope with all those who want to be treated here.

women with veil in Multan
Hospital Wards