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Women's Christian Hospital

In 1899 the Church Missionary Society (CMS) opened a special hospital for women on the site of the present Women’s Christian Hospital (better known as “Mission Hospital”) in Multan. Around 1935 a proper maternity ward and labour rooms were built and a nurse/dai training school was established.

Our Current Services

To share the love of God through care for the health of women & children by providing current Services:

  • 100-bed facility for Women’s & Children
  • 10 private beds (Rooms)
  • Labor & Delivery Room
  • Operation Theaters (2)
  • Ob, Gyne, Surgical, Pediatric ward & Pediatric Nursery
  • Outdoor Facility, UltraSound & ECG
  • Pharmacy & Laboratory
  • Besides curative services (Ob/Gyne & limited Peds), the hospital also provides preventive services through the Community Development Program (CDP) in few villages around Multan Division.

Medical Services

The hospital treats about 18,000 in-patients & 60,000 outpatients annually. About 2,650 babies are delivered every year. In 1978 the hospital emphasis changed to specialize in obstetrics, gynecology & pediatrics only. Besides curative services hospital provides preventive services in few villages around Multan.

Checkup at hospital

Nursing Services

The Women’s Christian Hospital with its female medical and nursing staff is geared especially to the care of such women and their children under 5 born in this hospital. There are well-reputed hospitals and clinics throughout the city these days, but the demands on this institution continue to increase.

child birth at hospital

Midwifery School

The Midwifery training program was considered a priority from the earliest days of the hospital. Much of the midwifery work at the hospital consisted of undoing the harm “village dais” had caused. In 1962, the Government of Pakistan approved the hospital as a training school for Diploma in Midwifery.

Midwifery School

Admin Service

Missionary doctors, nurses & other staff who render services with no financial benefit from the hospital help keep the costs low for Patients. The hospital is governed by the Managing Board. The Board appoints the Director who is responsible for running of Hospital. All senior officers on the staff must be committed Christians.